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 Child CounsellinG

Children often experience difficulties exploring feelings states in words. This can be due to not having developed the emotional vocabulary to express themselves or because they can’t make sense of a situation. Therapeutic support can help children feel understood. Having their experiences and/ or emotions validated promotes the child's emotional health and increases emotional literacy. This supports future well-being and resilience during adolescence and adult years.


How I work

I employ a playful and creative therapeutic approach to help explore the child’s thoughts and feelings that may be triggering their difficulties. Within this nurturing and safe space, I support the child’s chosen method i.e. play, art creativity and/ or talk to work through things. Through gentle verbal reflections, I bring to the child's awareness what I understand of their communication.  


An assessment is made with the young client's parents/ carers prior to any counselling work.  This is an opportunity to gain a background history and form an understanding of presenting difficulties.

Working with Parents/ Carers

I welcome working in partnership with parents/ carers. Once counselling commences, regular consultations ensure that the young client's needs and goals are kept in mind. Discussions can address progress, areas of difficulty and practical strategies to support parents/ carers. 

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