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Our own experiences from infancy through to adulthood generally contribute towards what we understand and make of the world. This can shape good mental health and positive well-being. As people, our behaviours and reasoning are heavily influenced by emotions and mental health. Whether great or small, biological, social, cultural and circumstantial factors will influence the way we behave and feel. Sometimes changes in these factors can cause emotional distress prompting therapeutic support. The working together that takes place within a supportive counselling relationship can help individuals think about and develop their own inner resourcefulness. 

Mode of Practice

With adults I utilise talking therapy in a face-to-face manner, the setting is safe and confidential.

Concerns I work with

I provide therapy for most experiences. Where I feel an individual may benefit from more specialised support, I will signpost/ refer to other services, particularly in crisis situations.

How we meet

Meetings take place in a safe, comfortable and spacious therapy space. 


I operate a sliding fee scale based on annual income, no proof is required. Fees are charged for each individual 50 minute session at £70.

Assessment/ Initial Consultation

Thinking about counselling whilst experiencing distress can sometimes be a confusing and daunting process. Contact me to book your free  consultation giving you an opportunity to ask any questions. 


Alternatively a face-to-face initial consultation is 50 minutes and is offered at a full price rate of an individual session - this is not a therapeutic session. Our meeting allows us to explore your reasons for seeking therapy, any questions you may have as well as to ensure that both you and I feel comfortable to work together.

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