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Initial Consultation - Free

No obligation, free 15 minute telephone consultation. 

Main Assessment/ Consultation - £70

A more in-depth assessment/ consultation is 50 minutes and is offered at a full price rate of an individual session - this is not a therapeutic session. Our meeting allows us to explore your reasons for seeking therapy, any questions you may have as well as to ensure that both you and I feel comfortable to work together. If I am not the best fit for you, I will recommend someone else.

Parent/ Carer Support - £75

Drawing on my specialised Special Educational Needs (SEN) practitioner experience in the area of Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH), this support offers parents an opportunity to  explore challenging issues and/ or worries related to their child's emotional world - this is not a therapeutic session.


50 minute one-to-one counselling sessions are charged at £70

Counselling may be long or short term, though I recommend a minimum of 6 sessions. 


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